Problems Caused:
Spider bites and mess from webs are the main problems caused buy spiders.  In food premises webs can hold dead insects and other bacteria carrying debris which is best removed for health reasons.

Many species of spider exist around buildings but not many of them are actually harmful. Species such as Redback, Funnel Web and White Tail have particularly nasty poisons.  An experienced technician can identify your spider problem and advise you on the best way to control them.  Send us photos to help identify spiders in your home or business.

Superior Spider Treatments:
We generally only treat webbing spiders. All exterior areas including fencing, garage, landscaping and possibly roof void and sub-floor will be treated. If you are having problems with ground dwelling spiders such as Trapdoor spiders, Wolf spiders or Funnel-web spiders, we can treat areas where nests may located, but cannot guarantee success.

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