Cockroach Control

Problems caused:
Cockroaches are known for spreading disease and are associated with various other health risks. Exposure to cockroaches could put you at risk of Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis. Cockroach droppings have been linked to some skin and respiratory conditions.

There are several species which you are likely to find around the home or business, including German, American and Oriental cockroaches. Different treatments are required for each. It is a good idea to carry out cockroach treatment sooner rather than later, to prevent infestations from becoming firmly established and to stop the existing roaches from spreading bacteria including salmonella. We can identify which species you have and the best method of control.  If you have pictures please email them to us to assist with identification.

Superior Pest Treatments:
It is often said that cockroaches could survive a nuclear explosion. While this hasn’t been tested, their simple body shape makes them very strong and resistant to both physical and chemical attacks.  We generally apply cockroach treatment to the interior, cupboards, roof void, sub-floor etc. These creatures are notorious for hiding and thriving even in unexpected places. For a heavy infestation of German cockroaches, kitchen cupboards must be emptied. Not only does open food attract the roaches, they can lay eggs in unexpected places such as the corners of open boxes. Also, as mentioned above, they are known to carry bacteria which causes food poisoning. We will also need to treat the microwave oven and around any other electrical appliances. They also get live in hinges, door handles, fridge seals, books, electrical outlets and almost anywhere else you can imagine.

Input and effort from the homeowner is essential for control. We can make recommendations for preventing further infestations.

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