Bird Management


Bird management is a specialized, technical trade within the pest management industry requiring in-depth knowledge of bird behavior, mechanical concepts and access equipment. As the leader in bird management in the region, we evaluate problem bird sites and offer solutions to you. A risk management assessment and OH&S statement are available on request.


The types of bird control we install include, but not limited to the following:

  • Bird spiking
  • Bird trapping
  • Bird baiting
  • Feral bird shooting
  • Bird netting
  • Gutter guard to stop birds nesting in gutters
  • Stainless mesh installed to solar panels to stop birds nesting under solar panels
  • Visual auditory and olfactory sense deterrents
  • Laser deterrents
  • Cutting edge ozone deterrent technology. (Scroll down for more info)


  • Pest birds cause untold millions of dollars in damage to buildings and infrastructure including;
  • Major health risks to all personnel on site
  • Damage to the structure and inventory
  • Reduced life of paintwork
  • Cost of clean up to building owners
  • Slip and fall hazard with fresh droppings on surfaces
  • Noise, mess and smell
  • Physical damage to soft furnishings, facades, air conditioners and ledges
  • Potential work stoppages
  • Negative company image, damage to goodwill
  • Unsightly pest birds on a new site, creating problems before building hand over


  • Ozone as a bird deterrent system is the latest development in large scale facility bird mitigation strategies.
  • Ozone (O3) is generated and pumped into a series of pipes installed at a circular pattern or “ring system” in the roof.
  • Ozone quickly oxidises back to oxygen and therefore has to be continually supplied via the generator.
  • Birds do not prefer to breath in Ozone and quickly leave the facility without harming the bird.


Our team have designed and implemented a range of commercial, military, aviation and domestic bird control solutions from small to large scale installations throughout the greater Newcastle/Hunter area since 1996 to achieve maximum safety and WHS compliance.

All of our staff have all required qualifications including working at heights, high risk licences and EWP licences. A risk management assessment and OH&S statement are available on request.

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