Myrmecia gulosa (Bull ant) on top of its nest. This worker has detected a predator, or prey while foraging. Their acute eyesight enables them to detect large intruders over a metre away.

Ant Problems:
Australian ants are generally considered a ‘nuisance’ pest. While they can be annoying, and deliver a painful bite if aggravated, they generally cause no harm, they carry no disease and they seldom destroy food products or internal structures. They can undermine pavers and the root zone of plants, they can damage and short circuit electrical components. Ants can exist in such large numbers around a property that multiple treatments are required.

Before you call - Identification is the key:
The first step in control is to identify the species. You can take photos so we can select the appropriate treatment suitable for control as different treatments may be required for different species.

Superior Ant Management:
We usually recommend baiting and treatment of nests outside, inside & in cavities. You may need more than one treatment for larger colonies of some species. Treatment is usually very quick with good rates of success.

What you can do:
If ants invade your kitchen, try and find how they are getting in and block the hole with an appropriate filler. If you treat the area with store-bought spray, it may give you some short term relief, but wont stop ants from coming back again and again.

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