Borer Problems:
Wood borers are often commonly thought to be somehow related to termites. They are not. They are a totally separate timber pest and control measures are quite different. Wood borers that are likely to need attention attack timber already within the home. Hardwood attracts different borers to softwood and a different control method is required. Borers affecting softwood are the most common problem and if the timber is not beyond repair, an effective treatment can be applied.

Superior Borer Solution:
Usually this involves applying a treatment to the underside of flooring. A treatment like this is very effective and only required once.  An experienced technician is required to assess the affected areas and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Post Treatment Issues:
With a lifecycle of at least 3 to 4 years there may still be some beetles that reach adulthood and emerge from the timber after treatment. This is known as 'post treatment emergence'. Any eggs that these ‘post treatment emergence’ beetles leave in cracks, crevices or old flight holes of the treated timbers will not survive, which means that the Wood Borer lifecycle will have been broken.

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