Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Newcastle – Wide

For those looking at purchasing their dream home, we carry out pre purchase pest inspections. All inspections come with a written report on completion. Booking this affordable service gives you peace of mind that you’re not investing in a property with an existing infestation or significant weaknesses which could impact the way you enjoy it (or the rental values you get) in the future.

In addition, we are proud to introduce a great way of helping vendors sell their house, and maximise their return at the same time. It is simply called a pre sale inspection.

It can be very distressing for a vendor and selling agent to spend many hours (and dollars) preparing a house for sale, only to have an inspector come along and find problems that causes the purchaser to get cold feet and run. We have found the solution, a pre-sale inspection. This is a 2-phase inspection, firstly we will fully inspect your property, write down what is wrong and tell you how to fix it. We will then return in 28 days to review and provide the final report on your property. This service includes a full pre purchase pest inspection report on completion. By following our recommendations in the 1st phase, your chances of selling the property greatly increase.

For all real estate pest control services, including pre-sale and pre-purchase pest inspections, please call us on 4968 9810, email us today or complete a request for quote online by filling out and sending the form at right.

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