3 Way Termite Protection

How We Protect New Buildings & Extensions

1. Slab Foundations - Physical barrier for Under/In Slab and in perimeter wall cavities
2. Brick Foundations - Custom installations for brick foundations.
3. Slab Joints & Penetrations - Abel Flex now kills termites, our Greenzone impregnated Abel Flex solution (Learn more)

What We Install

Superior Termi Pre-Build solutions include physical and chemical termite barriers combined.  Termi Pre-Build is installed to the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous barrier which prevents concealed entry of termites into the building, thereby protecting the asset.

Superior Pre-Build 5 Step Process

1. Pre-Install plan review
From your plans we’ll assess the amount of product required and an estimate of the time needed to complete the installation. We’ll inform you of any issues n the design which may adversely affect a 100% barrier protection
2. Price guide
You’ll know before we start what your job will cost based on plans provided. Small variances may occur from time to time.
3. Contractor site guide
Your team will be advised of exactly when we need to be on site to help
you manage your build schedule.
4. Installation
We’ll install and ensure all certifications are met and documented within 7 days of installation.
5. Post installation support & maintenance
We’ll provide an occupier’s checklist covering warranty, ongoing inspections and questions about their Superior Termi-Build products. We'll follow up with the tenant/owner on a scheduled basis to ensure their inspections are up to date.

$1 Million Dollar, 50 Year Manufacturer Warranty

FMC, manufacturers of Homeguardwanted to make a transparent and absolute commitment to property owners.  General insurance does not cover subterranean termite damage so FMC introduced the ultimate subterranean termite warranty for Australian property owners.  The FMC HomeGuard MillionDolar Warranty is a no-nonsense, simple warrranty covering all structural and decorative timbers that are protected by a HomeGuard subterranean termite barrier installed by Superior Pest Management.
Important: The warranty is conditional on undertaking an annual inspection of the property at the property owner's expense.  The inspection of the dwelling is to check for anywhere the barriers may be compromised. For example, gardens built up too high, paths built up to high, stored goods built against the exterior walls etc. These conditions will void any warranty or claim from the homeowner to the installer or manufacturer.  Learn More Here

Contractor Education & Support

Timing is everything on your sites. We’ll ensure your team is up to date on when we need to be on site for each build and which components need to be built before and after our installation.

Pre-Build Termite Control F.A.Q.

Q What products do you use?
A For foundations we use HomeGuard  (Learn more)and for slab joints we use Greenzone (Learn more)
Q How long will it last?
A HomeGuard lasts for at least 50 years and Greenzone (Abelflex) lasts for at least 2 years.
Q When is it installed?
A During construction, sealed permanently to the foundations of the building, e.g. Under/in slab and in
perimeter wall cavity.
Q What does it do?
A It utilises the proven power of Biflex, incorporated into its plastic matrix. HomeGuard repels, kills and blocks foraging termites.-----------
Q Who can install it?
A Only accredited, trained installers. We are a prefered HomeGuard installer in the region.
Q Is there a warranty?
A Yes, we can arrange for warranty up to one million dollars.

Product Support & Compliance

Further information can be found at the following links including installation guides, product information and conformance documentation.


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