Coronavirus Sanitisation (COVID-19)

Covid-19 contamination is the number one health concern for everybody the world over, and it looks likely to be that way for some time. To ease some of the concern with contamination, Superior Pest Management have developed a treatment plan for the places we live and work.

We have a sterilisation agent to sanitise offices, classrooms, accommodation, workshops, warehouses, homes, units and vehicles for the coronavirus.

The sterilisation agent kills 99.99% of viruses including Coronavirus, Flu, Hepatitis, HIV and Ebola. It is delivered through a portable cold fogger. The fogger sprays a very light mist, allowing all surfaces, cracks, crevices and touch points to be fully sanitised. The mist can be altered in size to suit the area treated.

All technicians have been certified by the Australian Government Department of Health for Infection Control – COVID 19. Our treatments are carried out in accordance with Dept of Health – Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles of COVID-19, without health and safety risks to occupants.

This service is available for $24.00 per room. Minimum 8 rooms for a house, 6 rooms for a unit.

Contact us for further information or to make a booking.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Treatment Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter Valley
Covid-19 -fogging