Builder’s Guide. Pre-Build Termite Control

Before You Commence Your Build

Step 1 - Send us your plans early
We'll identify all termite barrier needs and price your job
Step 2 - Review our proposal
Check the details for protection and advise if we're approved for your job
Step 3 - Book 5-7 days in advance
Book early to ensure we're on time to keep your build moving

Here's What To Consider for Termite Protection

1. Slab Penetrations
PVC Plumbing
Electrical Conduits
Communications Lines
Gas Lines
2. Construction Joints
Waling Plates
Cold Joints
Expansion Joints
Control Joints
Nib Walls
Blade Walls
Chased Plumbing
Infill Slabs
3. Bearers & Joists
Brick/Block Foundations
Isolated Brick/Block Piers
Engaged Brick/Block Piers
Dwarf Walls
Brick/Block Columns

Adjustable Steel Piers
4. Perimeter
Cladded Slab Edge
Brick Veneer/Rebated Slab Edge
Wall Cavity
5. Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls
Backfilled Walls
Elevated Gardens/Landscaping
External Stairs
6. Full Underslab
Underslab Termite & Vapour Sheeting

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Product Support & Compliance

Further information can be found at the following links including installation guides, product information and conformance documentation.

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