Meeting Industry Standards

We maintain up to date accreditations and compliance at all times. When it comes to controlling pest risks in compliance with industry best practice and statutory obligations we ensure compliance with:
~ Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
~ Food Standards Australia and New Zealand
~ Food Safety Programme Standard 3.2.1
~ Food Safety Programme Standard 3.2.2
~ Food Safety Programme Standard 3.2.3
~ Biocide regulations
~ Occupational Safety Act

Superior Personnel & WHS Policies
All technicians are required to follow  the company policies for both internal and external processes.  These policies are covered under the following criteris:
~ Customer Relations Policy
~ Chemical Usage Policy
~ Drugs and Alcohol Policy
~ Environmental Management Policy
~ Food Safety Policy
~ Ladder Safety Policy
~ Personal Protective Equipment Policy
~ Superior Pest Management Code of Conduct

Contact us on (02) 4968 9810 for further information on our full range of policy and compliance procedures.
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